Lucidatura metalli - Apparel & Fashion

A Reliable, Innovative and High-Quality Partner

Important groups and brands in the fashion industry choose us because of our reliability, our ability to meet their needs and the way we adapt to continuous change.

We stand out for our ability to develop new processes and to solve complex problems on treatments and processing.


we only promise what we know we can deliver.


we believe that talent can win a game, but that only the team can win the championship. We believe in a win-win approach to business.


our mission is to innovate. Curiosity, experimentation and learning from our mistakes are our entrepreneurial DNA.

Sustainability and safety:

for our people, for the environment, for the local community.

Quality and beauty:

care over everything we do and attention to every single detail guarantee our customers quality and bring beauty into our work.

Our company is valuable

because everything we do, we do respecting our values.

Code of Ethics

We strive every day to work ethically. Responsibility, honesty, respect for people and the environment are core values of our business.

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